Meet Our Big Sky Realtors

Time is precious. And we all want more of it. Our team draws on longstanding expertise and fastidious due diligence to smoothly orchestrate all facets of your real estate transaction. We begin by listening, leading us to your dream opportunities early on. We communicate openly and responsively throughout the process, as much or as little as desired. Our team of three works in tandem, seeing everything through to the finishing touches.

And then? We celebrate—by digging into this place we love, playing outside and giving back to our community.

Ania Bulis

World Traveler, 20+ year Local, Philanthropist and Volunteer

“I have always loved to travel, but the call of these mountains inevitably brings me back to Montana. Big Sky feels calm, peaceful, and unassuming. It has a pace all its own, where you slow down and engage, authentically and naturally. You can’t resist being in the moment here, exploring with family and friends, breathing in the mountain air and taking in the views that go on for days. It is a transcendent place to simply be.”

Michelle Horning

Outdoor Gal, 20+ years in Big Sky, Trails and Parks Advocate

“I remember coming around that corner in 1994 and seeing Lone Peak for the first time—I was in awe. I still feel a sense of deep gratitude when the mountains surround me with wildlife in the midst. Big Sky is simply stunning. Add in some fresh snow or a clear sunny day and it’s that much more beautiful. Here, there’s freedom to explore. Friends are like family and we all look out for each other. Big Sky feeds my soul."

Ashley Quande


“Big Sky is home, even though I grew up in Seattle. A friend talked me into trying a winter here…then a summer…and then I didn’t need to be talked into anything. There are so many perfect days here: bluebird skiing, great fishing, tons of trails. While my friends back home battle hour-long commutes, I’m 15 minutes to the hill and 10 minutes to the river. Best of all, this is a tight-knit community, so there’s always someone to share an adventure with.”